Kenwood KFC–1665S

The Kenwood KFC–1665S : 2017 Review/Buyer’s Guide

Ever heard about the Kenwood KFC–1665S 6.5-inch car speaker model?

Are you looking for a powerful speaker for your car that will bring your vibes to live and make ever trip worthwhile?

Do you appreciate sound quality and will settle for nothing but the best?

Then you should read this!

This article will take you through the great features of the KFC–1665S.

The KFC–1665S is one of the Kenwood Corporation car speakers. This 6.5-inch car speaker has many innovative features with other great qualities that make it the unbeatable car speaker you’ve been longing for.

Its speakers are designed to emit amazing sound for your listening pleasure, with deeper bass and less distortion. The 2-way coaxial speaker is suitable for several types of cars and provides effective performance.

With its 6.5-inch size, it becomes easy to install in your car. The coaxial speaker can handle 300watts of max power per pair and 30watts of RMS power per pair and features several balanced dome tweeters and drivers installed in a single component.

Its steel-black designed basket reduces noise cancellation to help you achieve a superior sound.

Whom is the Kenwood KFC–1665S designed for?

  • Specifically designed for cars, to give you a good feel of sound as you enjoy your ride.

Features of Kenwood KFC–1665S

The Kenwood KFC–1665S has been designed with specific features to make it make it unique, and also give its users a unique feeling and satisfy their urge for sensational sound.

Light Weight Speakers

The KFC–1665S is a light weight designed coaxial speaker. The light weight makes it easily transferable from one place to another, and you can also move the speakers in different positions of the car. Users can install the speakers at a particular position according to the user’s preference.

This feature makes it ideal for users who like to transform their cars for a new look within short periods.

High-Performance Speakers

For sound lovers, who will not settle for any type of speakers, the KFC–1665S is the ideal choice. If you have always wanted a speaker that will provide very high performance with good bass to choose from then this is a good choice. The Kenwood KFC–1665S provides just that.

The high-quality materials used for designing the Kenwood KFC–1665S coaxial speakers enables the speaker to provide effective performance for several minutes, hours or for as long as you want to use it.

Its woofer cones, voice coil, and other components are also designed using some specific type of materials, to help the speaker provide awesome results.

Impedance Matching

In other to get a superb sound, it is imperative that all the drivers and other components of a speaker work in such a way that impedance is matched every time. Likewise, some speakers may have the requirement for suitable amplifiers for boosting purposes.

Therefore, in other to save you all the stress and troubles, the Kenwood KFC–1665S has been designed with a low impedance value that can match several other types of drivers and amplifiers, thus the ability to emit extraordinary sound.

Noise Cancellation

Noise is one of the things that degrades the performance of any audio component. This is why noise reduction or cancellation is one of the things buyers watch out for before buying a set of speakers.

The Kenwood KFC–1665S coaxial speakers are thus designed with a steel black basket to cancel out any unwanted noise. With this, you will be able to get a good sound quality of better bass from these coaxial car speakers.

Portable size

The Kenwood KFC–1665S comes in a portable 6.5inches size, which does not only make it light to carry but also easy to install.  Despite being small, they possess several pretty grills for protection from various foreign objects.

They can also withstand high temperature and will provide effective performance for many years. The hard and stiff speakers, thus cannot tear off easily.

PROs Of The Kenwood KFC–1665S

  • The speaker of the Kenwood KFC–1665S can handle up to 300watts of peak power and 30watts of RMS power.
  • The speakers are rigid – as a result of the polypropylene materials used in making the woofer cones.
  • They are two-way car speakers – that is they possess tweeters and woofers to produce high and low frequencies.
  • They cancel noise and reduce distortion.
  • They emit a high-quality sound of the extreme bass.

CONs Of The Kenwood KFC–1665S

  • The small size horns used along with the compression horns affect the crossover point of large size woofers, and so degrade342 the quality of sound.
  • Change in the movement of the woofer cone generates an amount of distortion.
  • Vibration and other bad noise caused by the distortion affect overall performance.
  • A specific driver combo needs to be installed in the front of these speakers to control the pattern.

FAQs of Kenwood KFC–1665S

In other to clear some of your doubts we’ve also covered some FAQs about the KFC–1665S.

Q: Will they fit a 2008 Chevy Silverado 2500hd?

A: Not 100% because some Silverado had two speakers in the front door but you can always add your car to Amazon and they will tell you yes or no.

Q: If I buy these speakers will they fit my 2012 Toyota tundra, I was told that I have 6×9 in the front door and 6.5in rear door

A: The 6×9’s will fit the front doors. The rear is equipped with speakers that resemble a 6.5” aftermarket speaker…however when you remove the stock speaker, you will need to use an adapter that allows you to install aftermarket speakers.

Q: Will the Kenwood KFC–1665S fit a 2007 Honda Accord Exi

A: Definitely.


Irrespective of the shortcomings associated with the Kenwood KFC–1665S speakers, there’s no doubt that it’s a fantastic car speaker designed in a magnificent style. It’s light weight, rigidity and quality sound of deep bass produced are some of the unique features that make it stand out.

Likewise, materials used for producing the speakers, such as aluminum and polypropylene, adds to its toughness as well as durability.

This speaker has been given an overall rating of 4 out of 5 and this puts it among one of the best speakers you can buy.

So go ahead and get yours today!

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