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Rockford R169X2 Review: 2017 Buyer’s guide

The Rockford R169x2 speakers are a coaxial speaker with a midrange, mounted Piezo tweeter, and a polypropylene cone. These speakers are designed surrounded by rubber material to help in withstanding stress and abrasion. The stamped steel basket not only offers an amazing look but also allows distortionless sound.

However, some Rockford R169x2 car speakers require resonance chambers for emitting a better sound quality. Several integrated crossovers send different frequency sounds to the specific audio components.

The Rockford R16x2 speakers are also compatible with amplifiers that have RMS power rating in between 50 watts and 75 watts; and even without adjustable tweeters, these speakers produce sounds of very high frequencies. They also come with the particular Rockford Fosgate grills.

This entire speaker set is available at a decent price. So, don’t worry about the money, you can purchase splendid speakers for your car.

Whom is the Rockford R169x2 designed for?

  • The Rockford R169x2 coaxial speakers are specifically designed for use in cars, with a maximum range of car suitability.
  • Factories – these speakers represent the new generation of factory replacement speaker.

Features of the Rockford R169x2 Speakers

All other speakers come with their own unique feature, however, what makes some of them stand out amongst others are their unique features. The Rockford R169x2 speakers come with some unique features that give it an edge above other car speakers.

Light Weight Speakers

The Rockford R169x2 coaxial speakers are a light weight designed coaxial speaker. Their light weight makes them easily transferrable from one place to another, and you can also move the speakers in different positions of the car. This is an advantage when compared to other heavier speakers that cannot be easily manoeuvred.

Users also get to install the speakers at a particular position according to the user’s preference.

The light weight can be attributed to the material used in its manufacturing process.

High-Performance Components

Each Rockford R169x2 speaker is made from a stiff polypropylene woofer cone that delivers strong drums and bass, along with clean reproduction of the midrange frequencies.

Rockford Fosgate mounts the silk dome tweeter flush with the woofer so it’ll fit in snugly within the vehicle while adding the excitement of strong high-frequency response.

The built-in crossover network divides the frequencies going to each driver, so all your music plays faithfully. Grilles are also included.

Excellent Factory Replacement

Whether you’re building your first system or replacing some burned-out factory speakers, Rockford Fosgate’s Prime Series R169X2 speakers offer clean, powerful performance that’ll keep you and your friends rocking as you enjoy your ride.

You can use these to rebuild your factory speakers and still be comfortable that you will get quality sound.

Also, the Rockford R169x2 are a great way to get Rockford Fosgate sound quality without breaking the bank. This means you get to enjoy quality sound for just a little investment.

Mounted Tweeter, Rubber Design and Grills

The silk dome flush-mount tweeter allows this speaker to fit in more locations and provides a more focused image. This is an important feature for enhancing the style and design of your vehicle.

The speakers are also surrounded by rubber material to help it withstand stress and abrasion while delivering a steady and powerful blast of music.

The grills and mounting hardware make them look as good as they sound. With the 2-way speakers, there is usually no need for an amplifier, especially for factory use.

Impedance Matching

For speakers to provide splendid sound, it is imperative that all the drivers and other components of the speaker work in a way that impedance is matched every time.

The Rockford R16x2 speakers are, therefore, designed to be compatible with amplifiers that have RMS power rating in between 50 watts and 75 watts. Also, they are designed to, even without adjustable tweeters, produce sounds of very high frequencies.

This is important for users that want very loud sounds and need great speakers to deliver it.

PROs Of The Rockford R169x2

  • A vacuum Polypropylene woofer cone.
  • Integrated tweeter crossover.
  • Power range: 2-65 watts RMS (130 watts peak power)
  • Frequency response: 48-20,000 Hz
  • Highly sensitive at 90 dB
  • Top-mount depth of 2-15/16″ for each speaker
  • A stamped steel basket.
  • Two 15′ Lengths of speaker wire (each has female quick-slides on one end and tinned bare wire on the other).

CONs Of The Rockford R169x2

  • Not a great noise reducer.
  • The impedance matching is not too reliable.
  • You might need some modification and brackets if it doesn’t fit and this could lead to additional cost.
  • The basket might be too large for some car models.
  • Not a great option for users looking for audiophile quality.

FAQs on the Rockford R16x2 Speakers

Q: Do these require an amp or is it optional?

A: As long as you have a decent head unit no external amp is needed. Of course, your application, speaker position and size of the vehicle may vary.

Q: Can an alpine CDE – 143bt stereo run these speakers?

A: These speakers are rated at 65 watts RMS. Your stereo specs show (typical) output at 18 watts x 4 speakers or 50 watts x 4 speakers maximum output. So if you are asking will you exceed the power rating,the answer is no. if you are asking something else, not sure.

Q: Need to replace my front door speakers in my 2008 dodge 1500 would these fit and work with a stock deck?

A: Use Crutchfield to see if they fit, and yes they should be fine with the stock head unit.


Although the Rockford R16x2 speakers might have some limitations, and not be able to satisfy all users with the quality it offers, there’s still no denying that the Rockford R16x2 is a fantastic car speaker of versatility in a brilliant fashion. It is lightweight, portable size, and produces a sound of deep bass and awesome quality with high frequencies.

Also, the materials used, which include rubber, polypropylene, grills and silk in manufacturing the speaker adds to its toughness, rigidity and durability.

The overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, along with several positive reviews notable among its users is enough to clear any doubt you might have about this speaker as a great buy.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy a fantastic sound of better bass and music from the Rockford R16x2.

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